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In 2009 my wife bought me the $850.00 MTM Special Ops Titanium Black Warrior watch for my birthday while I was in Iraq.Within the first year the minute hand came loose.

I called MTM and they fixed it but I had to pay for the shipping. Then the screws in the wrist band began falling out and this time MTM tactical charged me for them plus shipping. They have continued to fall out and I just stopped replacing them. The last straw was a few months ago the minute hand fell off again.

However, this time MTM said that there is only a two year warranty on their watches and I would have to pay for the shipping and the repair costs which would not be known until they received my watch. For a watch that costs $850 I would expect them to provide much better service and to be honest for that price they should not be falling apart.

The company promotes their products on action movies like the Transformers but let me tell you as a real Army Ranger these watches would fall apart if put to the test.I tell all of my soldiers not to buy their products.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1085090

Thank you mjkenney for your input and experience regarding your MTM Warrior watch.Like you, I too would like to purchase this watch for obvious reasons.

They are made in the U.S.A. Input in making the watch comes by way of former military personnel. The watches are made of durable good looking materials. However, for a watch at any price over the 400.00 range, one expects outstanding customer service.

From your input, I just will not give MTM my business. Hopefully, if more consumers do the same, then financially they will be forced to change their customer service practices.

Thank you sir for your input and service to our country.

Kind regards,

Guillermo Cancio

Miami, Florida


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #807021

I agree with you, these watches aren't as durable as a cheap Timex.Mine has had the pins fall out, the rubber band sleeves rip easily and one of the glow in the dark pieces on the watch face fell off and it's stuck in the second hand!

AND, I don't use it for it's intended purpose. I would never recommend these watches to a Service Member.

They are just ***.Oh, and they're customer service sucks, too!

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